The Placsell® system has been approved by health authorities as a result of having complied with current regulations promulgated in the Official Journal of the European Communities (92/C 24/13) and of being the materials used in its production on the list of authorised products regulated by Royal Decree 211/1992 of 6 March 1992 with the following reference:

* Propylene no. PM/REF 23980, CAS no. 000115-07-1
* Ethylene no. PM/REF 16950, CAS no. 000074-85-1

* Vinyl chloride no. PM/REF 26050, CAS no. 000075-01-4

At the time, Placsell®; fué was unveiled to a series of national and international organisations in the food sector from whom it was given approval.

General Directorate of Food Production and Industries (Department of Agriculture, Cattle-Breeding and Fishing – Government of the Autonomous Region of Catalonia).

Institute for the Development of Andalucia. (Department of Agriculture and Food Policy in the Government of the Autonomous Region of Andalucia).

Department of Food Industries (Department of Agriculture and Cattle-Breeding of the Regional Government of Galicia).

Regional Directorate of Agriculture (Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries - Principado de Asturias).

General Secretariat of the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs (Government of the Autonomous Region of Valencia)

Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and Food in Bridget's Experimental Husbandry Farm (United Kingdom).

Food & Drug Administration of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare (USA) Section121, 2501 of the Federal Register.

Statens Forsogsmejeri (Danish National Research Dairy).

Milk Marketing Board of England and Wales.

National Institute for Research in Dairying.

British Industrial Biological Research Association.

Instituí d'Analyses et d'Essais du Centre-Ouest (Francia).

Kunstoff-Kommission der Bundesgesundheitsamtes (German Ministry of Health). Placsell® complies with technical and sanitation regulations in relation to slaughterhouses, quartering, preservation, trading centres, the storage and distribution of meat and offal (Royal Decree 1904/1993 of 29 October 1993, published in 36 of 11/02/1994).