Placsell® is an investment, not an expense, because it is profitable in the savings of cleaning, maintenance, painting and can also be recovered in case of works, because it is removable, reusable and has long life.

Placsell® does not take up room, as it is 3mm thick

Placsell® is very superior in hardness to other existing coatings in the market, because it is rich in material, having 3 mm thickness of a permanent clean white, bright and it is impossible to dent or break.

Placsell® can be installed without the need to interrupt operations, as it is odourless, non-toxic, does not need drying and does not need works, unlike other alternatives.

Placsell® has a profiling that is rich in material, consistent, compact, durable and guaranteed against bumping

Placsell® can be disassembled and reused without being damaged, a feature that cannot be equalled by any other alternative in the market.

Placsell® can be installed on any more or less smooth surface, whether it be made from blocks, rendering, plates, air-brick, tiles, panels and even on polystyrene, cork and polyurethane projected or in plate form for the restoration of refrigerating chambers. With this system, one can avoid expenditure associated with the prior preparation of surfaces, which is indispensable in the installation of any other type of cladding material.

Placsell® is unique for the restoration or construction of refrigerating chambers, where tiles cannot withstand contraction due to the effect of low temperatures and the plate panel corrodes, whether the chambers are insulated beforehand or even incorporating prior insulation.

One of the benefits of  Placsell®, is that it is installed in such a way that the plate is trapped against the wall (not stuck), so that irrespective of the state of the surface (rusted or dented plate, cracked tiles, etc.) the wall is neutralized, sealed and dressed with an indestructible sanitary plate. This is one of the reasons why   Placsell®  system has been rehabilitating with notable success the food industry in Europe.