Outstanding advantages

  • Rejection of solar heat up to 79%avoiding in turn in winter the leakage of heat through the glass panes with the consequent energy saving in both cases, sheets for glass panes, the best sun protection.
  • Reduces glare by up to 83%, preventing annoying reflections on computer and TV screens.
  • Filters out up to 99% of UV rays, which are the main cause of textiles discoloration.
  • Provides greater protection in the event of the breakage of glass, whether as a result of an impact or explosion, with the resulting protection from theft and burglary.
  • Greater privacy, with the result that occupants of a building cannot be seen from the outside but can enjoy all of the view and light provided by their windows, avoiding the need for blinds and curtains.
  • Improves the aesthetic appearance and decoration of its dependencies.
  • A NEW DEVELOPMENT is anti-graffiti film . This film is an invisible barrier that protects any smooth area (shop windows, bus and train windows, marble facades, etc.) from the damage caused by vandalism.