Sanitary baseboard / skirting

It consists of two pieces of natural polyethylene which, embedded together, form a baseboard finished in a sanitary sliding edge, very suitable for protecting the lower parts of the walls in general, but above all those that are formed by a panel finished in a metal sheet, for being more vulnerable

Outstanding advantages are the following:

  • High impact resistance and therefore very durable.
  • Easy and quick assembly on any type of surface.
  • Complies with sanitary, hygienic and easy to clean regulations.
  • Completely smooth finish, the screw is covered by plain and flush plugs as it is only bolted to the wall, thus not affecting the impermeability of the floor.
  • It does not require special parts for corners, as it is mitre cut easily.
  • Standard measures 250 mm high, 10 mm thick and 32 mm sliding floor base and comes in 300cm strips   


Other measures can be supplied on request.